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Run, Don’t Walk To The Voting Booth

April 10, 2008

You hear them all say it, get out and vote, even if you don’t vote for me, just do it.  Both the Republicans and Democrats run huge “get out the vote drives”, but the truth is they only wish to get out the people to vote that will vote for them.  The party that can get the most people out who are likely to vote for them will win, and that is the name of that game.  It has been said that if you were not a liberal in your youth you had no heart, but if you are not a conservative in your maturity you have no brain.  Well that pretty much sums up the parties game plans.


The Republicans target those who have something to loose if the Democrats get in power, the rich and those who would like to be rich, as well as the Traditionalists and Constitutionalists.  They, for the most part base their argument on logic and the pocketbook.


The Democrat’s “get-out-the-vote” effort focuses on the young, the high school drop-outs who can’t even read (thinks to the progressive school system they have been able to entrench), local small-time criminals, homeless people, illegal immigrants (as in the California representative election in Orange County a few years back) , neighborhood thugs and even a few of the dearly departed (as in the Ohio election four years ago).  They base, for the most part,  their argument upon feelings.



They focus their entire platform upon a collection of small minority groups seeking special consideration and representation, the black vote, the gay vote, the 3% atheist vote, the 4.5% unemployed vote, the 2% illegal alien vote, and those who want free health care. Combined, this is their new constituency. Wonder why?  Well these are America’s most politically ignorant voting blocs. It is a collection of voters seeking special consideration, which them easy to pander to, because, unlike their idol JFK, instead of what they can do for their country they are more interested in what the federal government can do for them.


The Democrat Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) in 1993 to easly registers those most likely to vote for them. In addition to law’s well-known “motor voter” provision requiring voter registration to be offered at motor vehicle departments, Section 7 of the NVRA requires states to offer voter registration at all offices providing public assistance benefits. Specifically, offices administering Food Stamps, Medicaid, TANF, and WIC must provide the opportunity to register to all individuals applying for, recertifying, or changing their address with respect to benefits.


The people who vote Democratic these days are in large part people who are attempting to vote themselves either monetary or legislative favors. The Democrats can easily buy these votes with carefully targeted promises that will be paid for by those who tend to vote Republican.  They have the Union Leadership in their back pocket but much to their chagrin not all union members.  They have a lock on most schoolteachers because of their desire to impost their ideas of what is right by fiat, they do it in the classroom and feel that their government should be able to also, as long as it is what they like, besides, the Democrats are always pushing for higher wages for them.


The call of the Democrats to think progressive is nothing more than an disguise attempt to get people accept the ideas and principles of Karl Marx, the ideals that have failed over and over around the globe leaving America the last remaining super-power, they want to use as America’s guiding light.


It’s now considered a progressive idea to reduce America’s power and status to that of all other world’s nations, and put our power in the hands of the UN, in the name of peace. It is now considered progressive to lay down our weapons and accept peace through socialism. Capitalism, once the great evil that brought down the Marxists abroad, is now it is the great evil among many American voters as well… and they all vote Democrat.